Love in the Air…


Several years ago I took part in a “focused Love experiment”.  The idea was that one member of the group of participants would be selected each week, and for the duration of that week all of the other members of the group would consciously focus on sending Loving energy to that person.  Nothing material was to change hands – no cards or gifts or anything like that.  We were just to deliberately and specifically “hold them in our hearts”.

By random selection, I was the guinea pig – the first person chosen to be the recipient of this “focused Love”.  On the morning of the first day (and every day thereafter) I made myself a cup of tea and took it out on my back porch to drink, and to feel.  It is no exaggeration to state that that week was the most powerful experience of my life.  I could feel – almost physically – the difference in the energy in the air around me.  It made me smile, it made me laugh aloud, it made me feel worthy of all the extraordinary gifts that life on this planet has to offer.

When the week was over I continued my now-daily practice of brewing tea and taking it outdoors (regardless of the weather).  I realized that I didn’t even need designated individuals to be consciously sending Love in my direction.  I had become so practiced at absorbing the Love in the air that I could feel it even when it wasn’t being intentionally sent my way.  If I focused my intent to receive, I could harvest the Love of the Universe, and allow it to fortify me to face whatever the day ahead held in store.  (A wonderful side effect of this was the realization that I could radiate the Loving energy outward in this fashion as well.  Not only could I gather what I needed from the very air around me, but I could share this bountiful harvest with the world!)

I realized something else, as the group of participants discussed their experiences of this experiment: by allowing them to Love me I had given them a gift of immeasurable worth.  Sharing Love with intention…  it was the simplest and most rewarding thing I have ever done.  As simple as standing on a porch, as simple as sharing a hug, as simple as three little words.

How do you harvest Love in your life?

~ C.C. 


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The Song

I heard the song today.
The melody so sweet,
It has never played
So softly before.
It is very strange because
Although I cannot feel the cold
I’m being frozen by the heat.

I hear the words
That everyone is saying.
They’re telling me
To open my eyes
And find my own way in the world
Instead of constantly
Bowing my head
And praying
For guidance.
You’ll miss all the best
They say.
All the good ones
Pass you by
That way.

Every day,
New people
Entering my life.
In every way
These people,
Each with a different voice,
Help me to make a choice.

They speak in harmony.
And I listen in silence.
And I hear the song.

You told me
Don’t stop to look around
Just keep the
Music playing.
It was because of you,
You know,
That my mind
Ceased to be stagnant
And began to grow.
Here you stand before me,
It seems I’ve known you for the longest time,
And yet your presence
Is unfamiliar.
Even friendship
Is an uphill climb.

I hear the song.
Oh God,
My ears are ringing!
I have never hear it
So loudly before.
I hear it but,
What’s different now
Is I’m the one
Who’s singing.

~ C.C.

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Clearing Out Christmas

As I prepare to pack up the Christmas decorations this morning, I am thinking about all of the years that I have done this task, gone through these identical motions…

I Love having the decor up through the season because it makes the atmosphere seem so festive.  From the significance of the twinkle lights (for some reason, impatience and frustration are so much more easily diffused when the lights are twinkling), to the nostalgia of the stockings “hung by the chimney with care”, to the personal significance of our nutcracker collection, which is so precious to my boys.  The energy of Love and Light and gratitude fills the air and warms me inside like a cup of hot cocoa.

And then the time comes to un-decorate.  It is a labor-intensive process (or at least more so than putting everything up) – removing, re-wrapping, & repacking the individual ornaments; taking down the lights, the wreaths, and the tree; and replacing the furniture that had been displaced by the aforementioned items.  Yet this annual ritual has become a tradition in itself, and is inherently comforting.

Christmas Ornaments

As I sort through the ornaments I can feel the memories they’ve absorbed over the many years that they have shared our holidays, and the Love inherent in each of them comes flooding back.  All four of our babies’ first Christmases.  The multitude of their elementary years embodied in handmade chenille-stem miniature wreaths and reindeer which completely make up for in sincerity what they lack in symmetry.  Even those ornaments that have survived from my own childhood to grace our tree remind me of the roots of my ideas about what family means.  Introspection, inspired by a collection of items that dwell in the garage for eleven months of the year.

The tangible symbols of the warmth and magic of Christmas may be packed up in boxes and stored away, but the air that flows through the newly uncluttered house is fragranced with the delightful aroma of possibility inherent in new beginnings.  Free of the weight of the trappings of the holidays, it seems anything is possible.

And indeed it is.

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Sunday’s Silence…

Backporch Cardinal

This morning my silence is filled with sound.

Birdsong and the humming of appliances,

Clicking of the coffeemaker,

The rhythm of his breath as he sits beside me,

Pouring, purring, wind chime tones,

And the wind itself rustling through the trees.

There is no silence like my silence.

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In the beginning…

©2012-2014 andyhutchinson

New Year’s Day is kind of an arbitrary designation.  Just because the (Gregorian) calendar tells us something has changed, doesn’t really mean anything, does it?

But what does signify change is the energy that we as human beings bring to the day.  It is precisely because a multitude of us, collectively, believe that there is something special about New Year’s Day that there is.  That, and the fact that there is a new moon today, which brings its own (very real and not at all arbitrary) energy to the dance.

Change is in the air, and conditions are ripe for it.  A new year dawning.  A new beginning.  What will you do to harness the powerful energy of this New Year’s Day and put it to work in your favor?

This morning the Dalai Lama posted on Facebook: “Today, as we wish each other a Happy New Year, let us determine to be more sincere, compassionate, warm-hearted human beings, trying to make our world a more equal place. That way we’ll actually make it a happy year.”

Change.  In the form of sincerity-turned-to-action.  That is something I can definitely get behind.  I can’t imagine anything I could resolve to do or become that would be more significant than that.

Wishing you each an abundance of Love and peace and joy in your lives this coming year.  And always.  How will you make it manifest?

~ C.C.

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