The Song

I heard the song today.
The melody so sweet,
It has never played
So softly before.
It is very strange because
Although I cannot feel the cold
I’m being frozen by the heat.

I hear the words
That everyone is saying.
They’re telling me
To open my eyes
And find my own way in the world
Instead of constantly
Bowing my head
And praying
For guidance.
You’ll miss all the best
They say.
All the good ones
Pass you by
That way.

Every day,
New people
Entering my life.
In every way
These people,
Each with a different voice,
Help me to make a choice.

They speak in harmony.
And I listen in silence.
And I hear the song.

You told me
Don’t stop to look around
Just keep the
Music playing.
It was because of you,
You know,
That my mind
Ceased to be stagnant
And began to grow.
Here you stand before me,
It seems I’ve known you for the longest time,
And yet your presence
Is unfamiliar.
Even friendship
Is an uphill climb.

I hear the song.
Oh God,
My ears are ringing!
I have never hear it
So loudly before.
I hear it but,
What’s different now
Is I’m the one
Who’s singing.

~ C.C.


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